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The American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) 2017 conference in Indianapolis featured top industry speakers and education breakouts, 300 exhibit-hall booths, and more.


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At this year’s American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) annual conference in Indianapolis, among myriad expert speakers, informational seminars, association events, exhibit-hall aisles, award ceremonies, attendees (including canine and feline), and more over the July 21-25 event, there was much to absorb.

More than 300 exhibitors showcased the latest industry products and services. Vet Clinic Live!, an on-site working veterinary facility, allowed visitors to experience industry advances, new techniques, and real-time solutions.

Paul Sereno, Ph.D., professor of paleontology at the University of Chicago and National Geographic Society explorer in residence, delivered the convention’s keynote speech. Through the lens of his areas of expertise—genetics, ancient DNA, and paleoanthropology—he shared with the audience new perspectives on what occurred during past animal-human health crises, such as bubonic plague, as well as One Health concepts as they relate to the links among humans, animals, and the environment—and modern health challenges.

Other special events and seminars featured:

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