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Is Your Dog’s Heartworm Testing Up To Date?

With all the rain, this year we are having a big mosquito and flea problem Call us for your dog’s yearly heartworm test. It is a simple blood draw which takes 10 minutes. A monthly chewable is given to kill any mosquito transmitted larva to your dog which develops into a worm which lives inside the heart. We use Iverhart chewables. For fleas we use Vectra, the best topical flea product on the market…It is given between the shoulder blades monthly We don’t recommend oral flea products such as Bravecto or Triflexis as we they last 3 months in the body and we don’t feel these are safe for many dogs. Please call for an appointment for a heartworm test. We can do testing at our Saturday and Wednesday clinics if you have a current yearly exam. Cost is $45.